The international ecosystem of emerging impact projects

IMPACTFUL is an ecosystem serving regenerative impact projects contributing to the paradigm shift towards a more conscious, ecological, social and solidarity-based economy.


The project

The IMPACTFUL ecosystem brings together and federates project leaders with open hearts and minds, humanist organizations committed to the transition, incubators, as well as enlightened coaches and consultants ready to put themselves at the service of project leaders and their projects.

The ecosystem is supported by a web platform that offers key functionalities for self-organization, synergy of actors, as well as tools to remove obstacles to the emergence of future projects.

More concretely, it provides

  1. a space for structuring and maturing one's project via proposals for improvement from community members
  2. a space for organizing co-development sessions around burning and current issues in the entrepreneurial life of the holders
  3. a space to facilitate micro-services based on donations between project owners
  4. a market place allowing project leaders to present and propose their specialized services to partner organizations and thus to realize their first sales figures
  5. a sponsorship and financing space by partner organizations, allowing project owners to access the services of consultants, coaches, and facilitators who are members of the community at reduced prices

The ecosystem

Here are the 4 worlds we want to connect together

Impact project leaders

They are at the heart of the ecosystem, and it is for them that we work. IMPACTFUL removes the obstacles to the emergence of ethical and impactful projects. It allows project leaders to advance their project in a mutual aid and at a lower cost and to realize their first turnover.

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Committed organizations

These are companies, associations and foundations that are committed to a CSR approach. They participate in the IMPACTFUL ecosystem in order to feed their raison d'être and contribute to the emergence of the new world. They support the project leaders through sponsorship and/or by buying the services they offer.

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Incubators & impact networks

They offer IMPACTFUL's solutions to project leaders at a preferential rate. They are partners in the ecosystem and allow their entrepreneurs to access resources in terms of expertise, time and networking to find their associates, clients and partners.

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Accompanying persons

They are coaches, consultants and facilitators who offer their support services to project leaders via a sponsorship scheme financed by the partner companies.

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July 2022

Ideation phase

August 2022

Preparing company creation

Marketing campaign preparation

September 2022

Start presaling membership subscriptions and partnerships creation

October 2022

Start developing the web platform

January 2023

Launch the platform with first modules

Time before launching